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Leadco Partner Program

Leadco Partner Referral program
Earn 5% commission through your retail referral link will provide you with a referral link for you to refer. The site has the look and feel of our company web page only when someone inquires you get paid the commissions.
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Give the link to your co-workers or market the link through pay per click marketing or other means.

Example: You send the link to your upline manager and they buy leads through the referral site.
You earn 5% for a year.

Refer an agent spends 1000 per month on leads = 50.00 referral comp.
Refer 10 agents that spend 1000 per month each =500.00 referral comp.

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Who do you know that is looking for a good quality lead?


Does it cost anything to sign up? No

Can your company supply the volume of leads that it would take to support this program without overselling the leads? Yes

We have partnered with 3 other lead companies to help prevent lead overselling and other issues that may come up with a large scale marketing campaign. You will be able to market , Leadco, Leadgiant, Lead Network, and BuzzQuotes all from your referral link. All lead companies involved have a 100% Good Lead Guarantee and have a good name in the lead business.

What Lead Products are available for me to market?
Health Leads, Life Leads, Auto Ins Leads, and Home Owners ins leads

Is there a cap on the amount of money I can make? No

When are commissions paid? Monthly via check or Pay Pal.

May I contact agents directly to market my link? Yes

You may give the referral link to anyone you choose, however you are not permitted to attempt to represent yourself as an employee of, you are an independent affiliate and can not change any policies or any other rules that govern our website.

Can I purchase a Domain name and point the name to my link? Yes

This is the preferred way to market the site. Instead of a long link to remember you may go to and purchase a domain name for as little as 8.00 per year. Example : A leadco partner could buy the domain name "" or "" or any domain that is easy to remember that you can promote and refer agents to. We can also provide them for you and set them up for $18 per year. We have to pay a tech 10.00 to set it up and the domain is 8.00 per year.

Is there a contract?
By signing up as an affiliate you agree to the terms and conditions of the affiliate program.

How long do I make money on the leads that my referrals purchase? 1 year

Do I need to sign a W9 if commissions are paid to me? Yes

What if I have already referred an agent that is buying leads from you?

The commisions will be payable for any agents that purchase through your link after activation of the link and although any past referrals were appreciated we can not pay commissions on them. No exceptions.

May I receive commisions on my account.


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